Kwik-Way, a HitchDoc Company, began in the early 1970s by manufacturing loaders and backhoes for garden tractors in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It started out family owned and continues to be as it becomes a part of the HitchDoc family of companies.

Since joining HitchDoc, Kwik-Way products have received a face lift with American steel and powder-coat finishes. The plant has also seen improvements with the addition of a new paint system and improved lighting throughout the facility.

Angle Blade

Offering both standard 22” tall blades and heavy-duty professional 28” tall blades, the Kwik-Way Angle Blades are ideal for snow management and light dirt work. Blade widths range from 4’ up to 10’ and attach with a universal mount to skid steers and mini skids.

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6-Way Blade

Take on heavy dirt, rock or material movement with the hydraulically controlled 6-Way Blade. Widths are 6’, 7’ and 8’ while standing 22” tall and manufactured from American steel. This professional series blade is ideal for any dirt project with the universal skid steer mount and hydraulic couplers.

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V-cut, scoop, angle or straight blade snow or light dirt with this hydraulically controlled V-Blade. Blades are made from American steel for skid steers and mini skids with widths ranging from 4’ to 9’. This blade is ideal for placing snow exactly where you want it or back filling trenches with ease!

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Tow around the field, through the woods, or a suburban backyard with an ATV, car, lawn tractor, truck or UTV, the DirtMaster by Kwik-Way is the ultimate towable backhoe! With limitless mobility, minimal ground disturbance during operation and easy to master joysticks, any operator can hop on and get right to work whether digging for landscaping or trenching. The DirtMaster comes standard with two pairs of stabilizers and a best-in-class Honda motor and is sure to make short work of your next project!

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